About DSOMADSOMA’s mission is to enhance the quality of education of the Davis Joint Unified School District’s students by fostering the growth and development of the orchestral music program in the district by providing sustainable and directed funding to support performance tours; provide music education opportunities for orchestral and symphony students; and fostering community outreach through a variety of means including concerts geared toward younger children student-led strings workshops, school-site mentoring and scholarships.

The goals of DSOMA are:

  • To support high quality orchestral music education programs in the Davis Joint Unified School District that are comprehensive and accessible to all;
  • To develop, manage, and allocate a highly diverse and expanded network of district and non-district resources;
  • To actively support and advocate programs and funding to strengthen orchestral music education in the Davis School District; and
  • To bring the highest quality orchestral music programming and services available to our young artists, audiences, and the public.

100% of the money we raise goes to support the Davis schools orchestras.